Green Cleaning
Super Spotless Building Maintenance


We only use green non-toxic products to minimize the impact on the environment. We are conscious of the health of our staff and clients.

Super Spotless Building Maintenance’s staff is fully trained in non-toxic cleaning services. Our professionally trained green cleaning teams provide unmatched cleaning services in commercial facilities that meet the highest standards of hygiene whilst protecting your employees against the adverse effects of harmful chemical residue and allergens. We always use carefully chosen cleaning products that are not harmful and environmentally friendly. Trust Super Spotless with over 16 years of commercial cleaning industry experience, knowledge, and expertise to serve our clients better.

Super Spotless Building Maintenance Janitorial Services has been in the business for years and knows precisely what needs to be done in order to get the highest standards of cleaning. At our company, you would get:

  • Customised Green Cleaning Plans
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Professional Cleaning Equipments
  • Premium Green Cleaning Products
Health Environment
Our green cleaning practice ensures that the workplace is safe for everyone. Our products don’t contain toxins and combustible ingredients so the risk of asthma and other irritations or allergies is reduced and your air quality is improved.

Higher Productivity

Many studies have been carried out that show that cleaner workplace lead to happier, more efficient workers. If you found your workers sluggish, the most successful approach could be so easy as to improve your place by hiring our cleaners.


Technology – driven Green Office cleaning

We make use of the latest cleaning technologies and choose environmentally friendly products where possible. Not only having a cleaner office when you hire Super Spotless Building Maintenance Inc. You are reducing the environmental effects. At the same time, you have a cleaner office and a healthier climate.

We Serve 100+ Companies in BC, Some Of Our Clients Include:

We have Okanagan’s best team of cleaners who provide technology-driven commercial cleaning.

With over 14 years of commercial cleaning industry experience in janitorial services, we are committed to delivering economical, high quality, and dependable services to the private and public sectors.