Quality Control by Technology

Our technology portals help our team, by delivering their daily and periodical tasks to them each and every day when those tasks are due. Aimed at improving service delivery, so that no task is ever forgotten. We provide a customer portal tool and mobile app to our customers to log in and help us to maintain our quality control program.

Customer Portal login

The portal is used to maintain documented communication with our customers. The following features are available through the web site portal.

  • Review Monthly Inspections:
    The portal’s Inspection page gives our customer access to the inspections done on their locations. Our customers are able to view the ratings and the results of their monthly inspectors.
  • Service Request
    Service Requests can be to allow customers to request services through the portal. This gives the ability to document and track a requested task.
  • Feedback
    The feedback page on the portal works just like a service request and allows the customer to send Us their level of satisfaction and a message telling you what they are feeling about Our service.

Customer Mobile App

This app can be located in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can use this app to communicate with us. Messaging capabilities between us and our customers, which includes the ability to take pictures and messages for any cleaning issues and others. The following features are available through the customer mobile app.

  • Pictures:
    This feature allows customers to send pictures to our portal without any hassle. It helps us review the pictures quickly and take prompt action.
  • Messages:
    You can easily communicate with our 24/7 available customer service team. It helps us to resolve the issues without any delay.

Employee Mobile App

Our all employees communication is documented, Detail Messages to us. Our all employees use Technology to provide qualityand high standard cleaning service. The following features are available through the employee mobile app.

  • GPS employee clock in and clock out tracking hours:
    Our employee mobile app has GPS tracking function enabled which help us track our employees working hours at any particular location.
  • Cleaning instructions:
    This feature enables us to send cleaning instructions to our employees easily.
  • Cleaning Check list:
    The employee mobile app has interactive cleaning checklists so that our employees never forget to leave any cleaning task.
  • Text communications:
    The employee mobile app has messaging functionality to communicate with the employees.

  • Schedule:
    The employee mobile app has all updated schedules so that our employees can reach your location without any delay.

Technology – driven Green Office cleaning

We strive to keep our prices lower than the competition by emphasizing efficiency. We make use of the latest in cleaning technology and where possible, opt for low-impact environmentally friendly products. Green technology might seem new, but it’s been around for a long time. Over the years, we have hand-selected the best products that are currently available on the market to offer a high-efficiency, low-impact clean that you can rely on. When you hire Super Spotless Building Maintenance Inc., you’re not just getting a cleaner office. You’re reducing your ecological impact. You’re getting a healthier office and a healthier environment at the same time.

Higher Quality Clean

When you leave the cleaning duties to the professionals, you can rest assured knowing they are doing the best possible job. No one cleans your teeth better than your dentist because that’s their profession. The same logic applies to professional cleaners.

We Have Okanagan’s Best Team of Cleaners Who Provide Technology-driven Green Commercial Cleaning

We Have Okanagan’s Best Team of Cleaners Who Provide Technology-driven Green Commercial Cleaning

With over 16 years of experience in commercial cleaning and janitorial services, we are committed to delivering economical, high quality, and dependable services to the private and public sectors.


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